Join the Community!

You are invited to a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about helping others and expanding ourselves. Share, learn and grown in a private space that is comfortable and inviting! See you inside!

Group Guidelines

The purpose of this group is to inspire, uplift, and help move the energy towards a beautiful life. Agreeing to the following guidelines will help with this process!

  • Please remain positive in the group. While you can ask questions and seek advice, our words and thoughts a great impact to the creation of our lives.

  • Arguing, hate speech or bulling will not be accepted. The member will be removed without the option to return.

  • Promotion of any kind is not permitted without prior approval please email to learn how to get approved. The member will be removed if it occurs more than once.

  • Do not reach out to individuals privately to sell services. If reported, the member will be removed without the option to return.

  • Please report anything that makes you feel uncomfortable to so we can remedy the situation.